Facts that boost sale in internet

The Baltic countries’ shopping in internet for goods and products in 2016


For online marketers the Baltic countries hold great potential. Take a quick look at new research on consumer habits and expectations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


New and convenient parcel receiving points

Itella's new parcel shops meet the expectations of the majority of online consumers in the Baltics. The central locations and the generous opening hours of shops and kiosks mean the most convenient service.


Purchases in all price categories

Consumers in Baltic states choose goods in all different price categories from 1–50 euros to more than 500 euros. The average is highest in Estonia.

Estonia226 €
Latvia205 €
Lithuania176 €
  26 %
  30 %
  33 %
  23 %
  25 %
  24 %
  19 %
  22 %
  22 %
  25 %
  15 %
  17 %
  7 %
  7 %
  4 %

A surprise in the leading product categories

Fashion dominates the online market in Estonia and Lithuania, but sales of electronics generate more than 60 % of the Latvian market.

51 %
48 %
63 %

Active shoppers are expected to increase their purchases by 20 % in the next 12 months

Online shopping business is growing. There are fewer people buying in shops and more people buying online. So it’s just a matter of who is buying what and where.


What's most important when receiving online purchases?

Estonian and Latvian online shoppers appreciate the freedom to decide where to pick up their parcels. For Lithuanians the most important thing is the speed of the delivery.


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